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COPA (Coordinador Organizaciones Populares de Aguan) and MUCA (Movimiento Unificada Campesina de Aguan) have been the first two  beneficiaries of RCA-EZ409 High Definition Video Cameras. While the basic techniques on shooting and uploading video have been explained, a more formal training session is still scheduled to take place.

COPA helps to coordinate popular organizations in the Aguan Valley in the northern coast of Honduras. Over 20 groups are affiliated including women’s organizations, youth organizations, local labor unions and farmer’s groups. One of the farmers groups is MUCA, a movement that claims over 3,500 farmers in the process of recuperating lands (through Agrarian Reform) up against very powerful African Palm Oil producing business interests.


All donations to make this project possible are grassroots based: courageous family and friends who want to be apart of the change.

This project supports direct media empowerment by training ‘at risk groups’ to document their own struggles.


The point is to give more voice to the voiceless. Most of the public is unaware of the spin provided by mainstream media and often misses the stories that are inconvenient to report on. This project is a direct result to help balance the playing field, however small a difference is ultimately made.